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The Chocolate War

The Chocolate War


by Robert Cormier

The Chocolate War Chapter 10 Summary

  • Brother Leon makes way too big of a deal about this year's chocolate sale.
  • He calls a big assembly. He even displays poster boards with each student's name and a space to write in the number of boxes sold.
  • Leon's little helpers try taping the posters to the wall, but the tape doesn't stick. All the students find this hilarious, but eventually the posters hung up anyway.
  • Brother Leon puts on quite the show, talking about "school spirit," the Headmaster's recent hospitalization, all the great programs and resources Trinity offers, and the need for funds to keep it all going.
  • He tells the students that they'll each need to sell twice as many boxes as last year – fifty boxes each.
  • Archie feels nervous when he remembers the other Vigils' reaction when he told them he'd committed The Vigils to help Leon with the sale.
  • They were not pleased.
  • Archie sees his name on one of the posters.
  • Usually, Archie picks one kid to sell his quota of chocolates. Since it's double the chocolates this year, he'll split his boxes among several kids.
  • He thinks this is the fair thing to do.

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