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The Chocolate War

The Chocolate War


by Robert Cormier

The Chocolate War Chapter 11 Summary

  • It's like an explosion.
  • Brian Kelly is the first student to touch his desk, and then all of a sudden, Room Nineteen is filled with crashing sounds.
  • Brother Eugene walks into class as all the furniture is collapsing.
  • Someone credits The Vigils with the prank.
  • It's all over in less than sixty seconds.
  • Archie is counting as he watches from the doorway.
  • He's really pleased with this assignment. He's sure Trinity students will remember it for years.
  • Brother Eugene looks shocked and terrified, and Archie watches as the chalkboard comes off the wall behind him.
  • Archie hears an accusing voice behind him, and turns around to face a very angry and red-faced Brother Leon.
  • Kids from other classes are watching the commotion.
  • Archie denies everything, just like he always does.
  • Leon grabs him and pushes him against the wall, tells him not to forget who's the real boss around here.
  • Kids are watching. Archie is furious. Leon is making him look bad in front of the school, screwing up his victory gloating.
  • Leon takes off, and Archie's good mood is back. He stands watching the wreck that is now Room Nineteen.
  • It's lovely.
  • And Brother Eugene is actually in tears.
  • So lovely.
  • Who cares about Leon…

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