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The Chocolate War

The Chocolate War


by Robert Cormier

The Chocolate War Chapter 13 Summary

  • Brother Leon is calling out students' names, and they are agreeing to sell chocolates for Trinity.
  • The Goober isn't feeling too well. Since the Room Nineteen incident he's been "depressed" and is living in "a mild state of shock" (13.9).
  • Word had spread that Room Nineteen was The Goober's assignment and this seems to be making him popular.
  • But, as time goes by, rumors start to fly, and everybody at Trinity seems uncomfortable.
  • Some say Leon is looking for those responsible for Room Nineteen. Others say that Brother Eugene is away from school because he suffered "a nervous breakdown" (13.9).
  • Archie tells The Goober to keep his mouth shut if Leon questions him, so now The Goober is constantly on edge, waiting to be called into the office. He doesn't know if he's capable of lying under Leon's interrogations…
  • Oops. He realizes Leon is calling his name.
  • He apologizes for being distracted and agrees to sell chocolates for Trinity.
  • As Leon continues to go down the alphabetical list of students, The Goober continues to ponder Room Nineteen.
  • The room will always be strange. Even though everything has been screwed back together, nothing is quite as it was before.
  • The Goober hears Brother Leon call Jerry's name.
  • He hears Jerry refuse to sell the chocolates, and he can't believe his ears.
  • Leon can't believe his ears either and spends several minutes making sure Jerry is really refusing to participate, refusing to have school spirit.
  • Unable to get Jerry to change his mind, Leon writes something next to Jerry's name and continues on down his list.
  • Finally, he tells the students their chocolates will be in the gym waiting for them.
  • He says he has "pity" (13.56) for anybody who isn't committed to the sale.

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