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The Chocolate War

The Chocolate War


by Robert Cormier

The Chocolate War Chapter 14 Summary

  • John Sulkey is an ace salesman, and he's making a list of people to sell to, like he does every time there's a sale at Trinity.
  • He loves the recognition and approval he gets for being a good salesman.
  • John is actually happy to see the quota doubled to fifty boxes of chocolate per student.
  • He's planning his strategy as we speak and is sure of his success.
  • Some of the people he sells to are pretty gross, but it's worth it to do the right thing for his school….
  • Again, we find The Goober in class, listening to Brother Leon call out the names of his classmates. This time, the kids are reporting on the number of boxes sold.
  • The Goober is super tense, waiting for Leon to get to Jerry.
  • When Leon gets to him, Jerry says he hasn't sold any chocolates.
  • When the Goober looks at Leon, he feels like something terrible is going to happen….
  • Tubs Casper is trying hard to sell as many chocolates as possible. He's already sold three and made six bucks, but that isn't enough.
  • He needs to buy his girlfriend, Rita, a twenty-dollar bracelet, by tonight.
  • She's his first girlfriend, and she loves him, even if she's only fourteen and he's only fifteen.
  • Tomorrow is Rita's birthday and they are having a picnic. She's bringing the food, and he must bring the bracelet.
  • He'll worry about finding a way to get the money back and give it to Leon, later on….
  • Paul Consalvo isn't having the greatest luck selling chocolates. One lady holding a baby looked at him like he was crazy when he asked her if she wants a box.
  • He doesn't like selling stuff for the school.
  • But, it's better than being at home with his parents, set in their bland, lifeless routines.
  • Still, he has to force himself to sell.
  • Brother Leon has made Brian Cochran treasurer of the chocolate sale. Cochran doesn't want the job, but how can he say no?
  • He doesn't want the job because it means having to spend extra time with creepy Leon. He doesn't want to be on the receiving end of Leon's pointer.
  • Brian wishes he were big and burly instead of glasses-wearing and brainy.
  • As always, Brian notices that the amount of money collected doesn't add up to the number of boxes sold.
  • Some kids borrow money from their collections and make it up at the end.
  • Unfortunately, Leon is being a real stickler this time. He's having Brian collect the money every day.
  • The worst part is when Leon goes over the figures with Brian, his awful breath in Brain's face.
  • Leon is acting strange this year. He showed everybody a report exaggerating the success of the sale so far. The truth is, the sales are behind what they were last year.
  • The job is a bummer, but Brian has Brother Leon for Algebra and doesn't want to screw things up for himself by getting on Leon's bad side.
  • Brian looks at the big fat zero by Jerry Renault's name. He wonders how Jerry has the nerve to go against Leon.
  • Again, we find The Goober in class, waiting for Leon to get to Jerry's name. The suspense is killing him. He doesn't like any kind of conflict.
  • Again, Jerry reports zero sales, and again, Leon's face turns red.

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