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The Chocolate War

The Chocolate War


by Robert Cormier

The Chocolate War Chapter 29 Summary

  • Brian is actually enjoying his job, and is actually excited to see Brother Leon. The chocolate sales have risen astronomically over several days. All these numbers make Brian feel "drunk" (29.3).
  • He isn't sure what has turned things around so dramatically. It isn't just the numbers, but also the way the kids are acting. Somehow, everybody is excited about selling chocolates. There's a full-on chocolate-selling frenzy going on. According to gossip, The Vigils are making this happen.
  • Brian tries not to get involved with The Vigils, and hasn't asked around, but he has seen Vigils pressuring kids in the hallway and checking to see how much chocolate they've sold.
  • The sales are organized now, with carloads of kids embarking on sales every afternoon after school. Some guys had sold about three hundred boxes in an hour at a factory.
  • The weird thing is, John Carter, president of The Vigils, is deciding which students get credit for chocolate sales.
  • Basically what happens is Carter comes in with a bunch of cash, then takes the roster, and tells Brian how many boxes to put next to which names.
  • Usually the kids Carter gives credit to are kids that Brian knows aren't really responsible for the sales. Apparently, he's trying to make it look like every single Trinity boy reaches his quota.
  • Today, Carter turns in money for almost five hundred boxes of chocolate.
  • When Leon arrives, he and Carter calculate that all but about 5,000 boxes (out of 20,000 thousand) have been sold.
  • Leon is almost nice to Brian today, and when Brian goes out in the hall to display the figures, some guys even clap for him. Nobody has ever done that before, and it makes him feel like a big shot football star.

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