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The Chocolate War

The Chocolate War


by Robert Cormier

The Chocolate War Chapter 33 Summary

  • Archie is griping at Emile on the phone.
  • What did Emile think he was doing? He didn't tell him to "gang bang" (33.3) Jerry.
  • Emile says he thought it would be more "Psychological" (33.4) if Jerry was attacked by a whole pack of guys.
  • Archie asks Emile if he accused Jerry of being gay.
  • Emile says that it worked really well. Jerry freaked out. He wants to know if Jerry really is gay.
  • Archie says that Jerry isn't and that's the point. He explains, "If you want to get under a guy's skin, accuse him of being something he isn't. Otherwise, you're only telling him something he knows" (33.9). Archie thinks, "The silence on the phone indicate[s] Emile's appreciation of Archie's genius" (33.10).
  • Emile is ready for another assignment, but Archie tells him to lay low for the time being.
  • Emile once again asks Archie about the photograph.
  • Archie confesses that there is no photo.
  • Emile isn't sure if he believes him.
  • Archie hints that Emile has a future with him, and Emile wonders if that means he'll be a Vigil soon. It would be so awesome if he could be a Vigil, and not have to worry about the stupid picture anymore.
  • When Emile gets off the phone with Archie, though, he still doesn't trust him.

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