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The Chocolate War

The Chocolate War


by Robert Cormier

The Chocolate War Chapter 8 Summary

  • The Goober is a talented runner and he loves running. All his problems – like pimples and girls – disappear when he's running.
  • His brain even works better; he can do math in his head and commit football plays to memory.
  • Running is the thing that makes him feel the best.
  • Well, he isn't at his best now, and he isn't running. He's inside Brother Eugene's classroom, scared and on the verge of serious tears, even though he's sixteen years old and over six feet tall.
  • It's unreal being here in this classroom, with his father's screwdriver and pliers, following his assignment.
  • All he has is a little nightlight to work by. The Vigils said that a flashlight might cause suspicion.
  • To make matters worse, most of the screws are really hard to unscrew. At this rate, he'll be here forever.
  • He hears voices in the hall, and gets scared.
  • Then somebody says his name.
  • Soon, guys come crawling into the room on their hands and knees. One of them asks if The Goober needs some help.
  • The Goober says it's taking him longer than he expected.
  • The guy, masked and pizza-breathed, grabs The Goober by the shirt. He says they are going to help him, but that he can't tell anybody or else.
  • Three hours later they all leave Brother Eugene's classroom.

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