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The Chocolate War

The Chocolate War


by Robert Cormier

Jerry Renault Timeline and Summary

  • Jerry attends football tryout practice and gets roughed up.
  • After he runs into a hippy/flower child/drifter guy, he begins questioning his ordered routine.
  • Jerry looks on, powerlessly, as Brother Leon tortures Gregory Bailey with his words and his teacher pointer.
  • Jerry comes to the conclusion that his father leads a dry, boring life. He vows not to turn out the same way.
  • Jerry is summoned to appear before The Vigils. Shortly thereafter, he completes his assignment, refusing to sell chocolates for ten days.
  • When the ten days are up, Jerry continues to refuse to sell chocolates.
  • Jerry is again summoned to appear before The Vigils. They try to pressure him into selling chocolates, but won't agree.
  • Jerry realizes that some guys on the football team actually want to kill him, or at least hurt him really badly.
  • At home, he starts getting prank calls, and his locker is vandalized. He realizes that somebody is really out to get him.
  • Soon after, Jerry is brutally attacked by Emile Janza and ten other guys.
  • That night, he considers asking his dad to help him, but decides against it.
  • Somebody tries to push him down the stairs at school. Hostilities against him increase.
  • Finally, Jerry attends the raffle/boxing match, tempted by thoughts of revenge, and is brutally beaten by Emile Janza, once again.
  • The fight ends when the stadium lights are turned off.
  • Jerry decides that defiance isn't worth the pain and waits for the ambulance with The Goober.