The Chocolate War
The Chocolate War
by Robert Cormier
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The Chocolate War Language and Communication Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

Why? someone had tagged in a blank space no advertiser had rented. […]

Why not? someone else had slashed an answer. (3.29-30)

Jerry is reading the world around him, taking even the graffiti as a personal message. These lines seem to be fitting questions to follow Do I dare disturb the universe?, the lines adorning Jerry's poster, the lines that inspire him to say "No" to selling chocolate.

Quote #5

"Bailey, I'm sorry," Leon said, but his voice lacked apology. Had it been an accident? Or another of Leon's little cruelties? (6.12)

It's obvious to the readers that Leon is not the least bit sorry for slashing Bailey with his pointer. For the kids in his class, who don't want to think their teacher is totally evil, and who are in the midst of a very confusing scene, the question is not so easily answered.

Quote #6

"Aw, let the kid alone." (6.50)

We don't know who sticks up for Bailey in the classroom. It took a lot of courage, and probably helped motivate Jerry to stand up for Bailey in his own way, by refusing to sell chocolates. His refusal is an attempt to defy the same system that is allowing Bailey to be abused by his teacher.

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