The Chocolate War
The Chocolate War
by Robert Cormier
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The Chocolate War Morality and Ethics Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

"You turned this class into Nazi Germany for a few moments." (6.55)

As we discuss in "Characters: Gregory Bailey," Brother Leon models Nazi techniques for his students and then accuses them of being the immoral ones.

Quote #5

He saw Brother Eugene still standing there in the midst of the shambles, tears actually running down his cheeks. (11.23)

Brother Eugene seems to think that if the students would destroy his classroom, they'd really like to destroy him. The Goober learns that by going along with the assignment he commits a moral crime against himself and against Brother Eugene.

Quote #6

Worse than that […], he had allowed Brother Leon to blackmail him. If teachers did this kind of thing, what kind of world could it be? (16.45)

David feels awful because he takes Brother Leon's bait. That he could be so easily swayed from his principles makes David doubt his worth as a person.

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