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by Carl Hiaasen

Chomp Resources


Carl Hiaasen's Page

This is Carl Hiaasen's website—for all things CH.


Readers review Chomp at Goodreads.


And another review of Chomp.

YA Litwit Blog

Yet another review of Chomp, this time the audiobook version narrated by James Van Der Beek. Ooh la la.

The Musings of a Book Addict

Guess what this is? Yup—a review of Chomp.

Everglades Foundation

Find information here about protecting the Everglades.

Florida Museum of Natural History

This page introduces you to some of Southern Florida's endangered species, a.k.a. the animals the Crays would most like to bump into.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

This website has a lot of information about Florida's natural spaces and species.


Shelfari Interview

Q & A on Chomp.


Controversial Everglades Restoration Plan

One goal, but different ways of achieving it.

Gator Boys on Animal Planet

See some real-life action with alligators.


The Takeaway

Interview with Carl Hiaasen on Chomp.

Hiaasen Saying His Name

Hiaasen saying his name. You know you've been wondering how to say it…


Carl Hiaasen

The man, the legend, the photo.

A Burmese Python

This is what Beulah looks like.

A Mastiff Bat

A bat like the one that chomped Derek.

An American Alligator

Hey there, Alice.

An Airboat

We totally want one. Do you too?

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