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by Carl Hiaasen

 Table of Contents

Chomp Themes

Chomp Themes

Man vs. Nature

The Crays lead a life rich with natural learning, play, and duty. One of Mickey's major roles in Chomp (besides the good dad) is environmental stewardship—a.k.a. he takes care of the environment....


In Chomp, Wahoo Cray's family life is solid. His parents show they love, support, and respect him as an individual, and he is responsible and mature in response. Also, Wahoo can show his love for h...

Foolishness and Folly

There is simply no nice way to put it: Derek isn't just a fool, he's the biggest fool in Chomp. He tortures animals, killing and eating them for TV entertainment, and rather than becoming an expert...


In Chomp, pride is the attitude that lies behind Derek's foolishness. Not only does he treat people and animals as if they are things he can buy and use for his own personal gain, but he also acts...

Lies and Deceit

Everything we don't like about Derek and his show has to do with the fact that it is all fake but pretends to be real. Nobody likes being lied to, especially when they initially fall for it. Chomp...

Strength and Skill

In Chomp the people will skills are useful, independent, and honorable. The ones without skills? Not so much. (We're looking at you, Derek.)


In Chomp, there are different levels of poverty that drive the plot. The Crays are generally doing all right as middle class Americans except for the past few months that Mickey hasn't been able to...

Drugs and Alcohol

In Chomp, alcohol is no fun. Tuna's dad can't stop drinking, and it makes him angry and violent with her and her mother. It also makes him incredibly stupid. Jared Gordon has no sense and no bounda...

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