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Church and State

Church and State

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Church and State Questions

There's more than one right answer.

  • What exactly do the religion clauses of the First Amendment protect?
  • What do they not protect?
  • What forms of aid to religious schools has the Court allowed?
  • Has the Court developed workable and appropriate criteria for evaluating public aid to religious schools?
  • What forms of religious conduct has the Court refused to grant protection under the free exercise clause of the First Amendment?
  • Has the Court developed workable and appropriate criteria for evaluating religious conduct?
  • Is the Court’s distinction between belief and conduct legitimate?
  • Are the Court’s rulings on the two clauses of the First Amendment consistent with one another?
  • Why was the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution?
  • What do the facts about origins of the Bill of Rights say about the "founding fathers"?
  • Do the circumstances of its origins affect the importance of the Bill of Rights?
  • Why is the doctrine of incorporation so important?
  • Did the Court rule properly on school vouchers?
  • With which Supreme Court decisions do you disagree? Why?
  • Which clause of the First Amendment was threatened during the Schiavo episode—the free exercise clause or the establishment clause?
  • Do Americans properly understand the meaning of the First Amendment?
  • Do Americans have an accurate understanding of the separation of church and state?

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