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Church Going

Church Going


by Philip Larkin

Church Going: Future-Land Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Church Going? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. According to the speaker, what phase will come between the decline of religious faith and the total disappearance of churches?

Q. What kinds of people might be "the last, the very last, to seek" the church "for what it was" (39-40)?

Heroin Addicts
Chocolate Addicts
Christmas Addicts
Video Game Addicts
Q. Why might churches stick around forever?

Because the world needs moral rules
Because people want to find the world beautiful
Because people want life to have a serious higher purpose
Because churches are profitable
Q. What does the speaker mean when he says that in the future, "dubious women" might come to the church to "Pick simples for a cancer" (28-29)?

Superstitious women will pick herbs around the church for their healing power.
Liars will make money off of people who still believe in religion.
Women will use mystical powers to give people cancer.
People will always seek the simplest answer to a problem.
Q. What does the speaker mean when he asks, "what remains when disbelief has gone" (35)?

Sooner or later, religious faith will conquer the doubters of the world.
He actually wants to know what'll happen when belief is gone.
Superstition will take over the world.
Once belief has disappeared, skeptics will no longer have anything to disbelieve.