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Church Going

Church Going


by Philip Larkin

Church Going: Future-Land True or False

1. According to the speaker, what phase will come between the decline of religious faith and the total disappearance of churches? -> Anarchy
2. What kinds of people might be "the last, the very last, to seek" the church "for what it was" (39-40)? -> Christmas Addicts
3. Why might churches stick around forever? -> Because churches are profitable
4. What does the speaker mean when he says that in the future, "dubious women" might come to the church to "Pick simples for a cancer" (28-29)? -> Liars will make money off of people who still believe in religion.
5. What does the speaker mean when he asks, "what remains when disbelief has gone" (35)? -> He actually wants to know what'll happen when belief is gone.