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by Anne Sexton

Cinderella Resources


All Kinds of Cinderella!

The University of Pittsburgh has quite the collection.

Anne Sexton: A Tribute

This contains a good bio, some links, and a good bibliography. See especially the links page.

On Anne Sexton and Transformations

Some interesting info, courtesy of the Johns Hopkins University Gazette.


Rare Clips

A wonderful little segment containing clips of Anne Sexton reading and, you know, living her life.

Disney's Cinderella

Here's a very non-Sexton, kids' book version of the story.

Anne Sexton at Home

An absolutely fascinating, long clip of Anne Sexton noodling around at home, just doing her thing. Ignore (or enjoy!) the Spanish subtitles.


Sexton, read by… Sexton

Enjoy lots and lots of audio files here (you'll need QuickTime or similar; they're not mp3s).

Sexton reading "The Truth the Dead Know"

Just what it sounds like! (Tip: if you YouTube search "Anne Sexton," lots of audio clips like this come up! Go on, try it!)


Frederick Hall's "Cinderella"

Early 20th century painter's depiction of the birds picking lentils out of the ashes for Cinderella. Very nice of them!

The Anne Sexton Collection at the University of Texas Austin

Not exactly an image, but if you're ever in Austin, you should check out this collection of rare photographs.

Edmund Dulac's "Cinderella"

Here's another early-twentieth-century depiction of the protagonist. (Dulac painted many other fairy tales too, some of which are on this site as well.)

Historical Documents

Cinderella, in German

Here's the original Grimms' version of the fairy tale in German.

Cinderella, in Translation

And here's the English translation, just in case you, you know, can't read German. Hey, nobody's perfect.


Perrault's Cinderella

A lovely, illustrated printing of the French version of the story. (If you want to read the whole thing, though, you'll have to buy the book!)

The Grimms' Household Tales

Yep, it's the whole book, translated by Margaret Hunt. And with notes! A great resource.

Anne Sexton: Self-Portrait in Letters

Anne Sexton, as told by Anne Sexton, and co-edited by her eldest daughter, Linda Gray Sexton.

Movies & TV

The Disney Movie

Its IMDB page, filled with facts and stats about the movie and its actors.

TV Version(s)

This is a link to the IMDB entry for the first movie, though two more were made afterwards and went straight to TV.

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