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Circe's Power

Circe's Power


by Louise Glück

Circe's Power Love Quotes

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Quote #1

I never turned anyone into a pig. (1)

To us Circe seems pretty defensive right off the bat. When the poem starts, it does not just settle into a nice jog or a polite trot – it gallops. We detect emotion in this first line thanks to the word, "never." Never is a pretty strong word.

Quote #2

We could be happy here (13)

And we've found it. Circe's soft spot. This line makes us think that we've stumbled upon a room that we're not supposed to see. In it, Circe tells us what would make her most happy.

Quote #3

As men and women are/ When their needs are simple. (14-15)

Men and women are happiest together when things are simple, when they don't want too much. Do you agree?

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