Circe's Power
Circe's Power
by Louise Glück

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Quote #1

Some people are pigs; I make them/ Look like pigs (2-3)

To us, Circe sounds like a third grade know-it-all here, or maybe even like Lisa Simpson. She's making a point about the difference between reality and appearances.

Quote #2

Under the care of/ Me and my ladies, they/ Sweetened right up. (8-10)

Up until this point, we forgot (or didn't know) that Circe has ladies-in-waiting. We can't help but think of the showdown between Titania and Oberon in Shakespeare's Midsummer's Night's Dream.

Quote #3

Then I reversed the spell, showing you my goodness/ As well as my power. (11-12)

We're just a wee bit confused here – by turning Odysseus' men into pigs in the first place, isn't Circe able to show him her power? Does she mean, "when I reversed the spell, I showed you my goodness, and my power (again)," or is she just a little insecure about her powerful ways?

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