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Circe's Power

Circe's Power


by Louise Glück

Circe's Power Resources


The Miraculous Thing to Do

Watch Louise Glück talk about being a poet.

Ulysses, a 1954 film directed by Mario Camerini

Watch a scene between Odysseus and Circe. Notice how Circe doesn't really blink.

Circe the Ballerina

Watch Circe dance in "The Voyages of Odysseus," a ballet that first premiered at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Dance Center.

Louise Glück Interview

Listen to Louise Glück talk about being a poet.

Poems, poems, and more poems!

Listen to Louise Glück read some poems and talk about poetry.


The Poet and the Poem

A Library of Congress interview with Louise Glück…so good!

Louise in Slate Magazine

Read a few of Louise Glück's poems and listen to her read them aloud.



An artist's rendition of Circe.


Another artist's take on Circe.

Louise Glück

A photo of the poet.

Odysseus Confronts Circe

Check out this picture from 350BC which depicts Odysseus pointing his sword at Circe.

Movies & TV

The Odyssey on TV
Check out this film that was originally aired on TV in 1997. Bernadette Peters plays the role of Circe.


Eudora Welty also retold the story of Circe from Circe's perspective
Go to your library and grab a copy of Eudora Welty's The Bride of Innisfallen and Other Stories. You won't regret it. In her short story, "Circe," Welty retells the story of Odysseus and Circe in a completely different way.


A Review of Meadowlands

Read an in-depth critique of the book of poetry in which "Circe's Power" first appeared.

A Review of Meadowlands

By Modern American Poetry.

The Odyssey

A short, illustrated version of The Odyssey.

Read All About It

A press release from the Library of Congress announcing Louise Glück as the 12th Poet Laureate of the United States.

The Poet and the Poem

Read the transcript of a Library of Congress interview with Louise Glück.

Homer's Odyssey

Don't have a copy of The Odyssey lying on your bedside table? Read the epic poem online (compliments of MIT).

Where in the World is Odysseus?

Explore an interactive map of Odysseus' journey.

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