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City of Bones
City of Bones
by Cassandra Clare

Art and Culture Quotes in City of Bones Page 2

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Quote #4

There was a queasy sense of something organic about the bikes, like the bio-creatures in a Giger painting. (12.20)

So they look like the alien from Alien with wheels. We do not want to know what the exhaust pipe is sticking out of.

Quote #5

The sight was as surreal as one of the abstract Magritte paintings Jocelyn had loved. This one, Clary thought, would be called The Stairs to Nowhere. (14.128)

Actually, we think a better name would be This is Not a Staircase,in honor of Magritte's famous work This is Not a Pipe.

Quote #6

[Jace] looked like a fair-haired angel from a Rembrandt painting. (17.8)

This is meant to be compliment, and something that Clary, an art student, would think, but it sure doesn't sound very masculine or heroic. Sorry, Gabriel.

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