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City of Bones
City of Bones
by Cassandra Clare

Art and Culture Quotes in City of Bones Page 1

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Quote #1

The floor was littered with discarded balls of paper, a sure sign that her creative juices weren't flowing the way she'd hoped. (2.2)

Little wads of paper: evidence of creative constipation. Clary needs more inspirational fiber.

Quote #2

"I've got a bunch of meetings with my art group, and ten more classes at Tisch." (2.68)

One of Clary's short-term goals is to attend summer classes at the prestigious Tisch School of Art. Guess what? You can, too.

Quote #3

Chiaroscuro, [Clary] thought. The art of shadows and light. (11.165)

Clary's art education enables her to make nifty arty metaphors about Jace and his inner conflict between light and dark.

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