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City of Bones

City of Bones


by Cassandra Clare

City of Bones Chapter 18 Summary

How It All Goes Down

The Mortal Cup

  • This chapter starts off a little different, with our narrator focusing on Jace's P.O.V. for the first few pages.
  • We get clued in on his thoughts on Clary. It's no surprise to anyone to discover that he kinda likes her and thinks she's pretty. Hence that whole kissing thing.
  • And speak of the devil. Clary interrupts his brooding by busting in and telling him her a-ha moment: her mother hid the Mortal Cup inside a painting.
  • She knows which one, too—the Ace of Cups in Madame Dorothea's hand-painted Tarot card deck.
  • Jace wrangles Isabelle and Alec into what we'll call Operation: Collect the Cup, and Clary recruits Simon to be their getaway driver.
  • After getting armed and getting runes on their arms, the young Shadowhunter posse is ready to roll.
  • They arrive at Madame Dorothea's without any incident. Well, without any demon-related incident. The van ride is a little tense with all the little sparks of jealousy still flickering among Simon, Jace, and Clary, but at least no one gets hurt. Physically.
  • Madame Dorothea's apartment is unchanged since their last visit, when Clary escaped through the hidden Portal.
  • Clary convinces Madame Dorothea, whom Jace now calls Lady of the Haven, to let her shuffle through the Tarot deck for the Ace of Cups.
  • Once she locates it, she traces the runes on the back with Jace's stele. The painting changes, and the hand grasping the Cup in the picture releases its grip.
  • After Clary reaches inside the card and retrieves the Cup, the card disintegrates into ashes.

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