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City of Bones

City of Bones


by Cassandra Clare

Clary Fray Timeline & Summary

  • We first meet Clary and her best friend, Simon, in the midst of a bunch of hullabaloo at the Pandemonium Club, where she discovers a bunch of supernatural people called Shadowhunters or Nephilim. Take your pick.
  • After a really bad poetry reading the next day, Clary follows Jace, the sexiest of the Nephilim, into an alleyway and confronts him about all the weird stuff she saw.
  • Her phone rings, and it's her mom on the line. Unfortunately, she's attacked, and the line goes dead.
  • Back at her apartment, Clary finds a poisonous demon instead of her mother.
  • She's attacked by the demon, saved by Jace, and passes out, only to wake up three days later in a place called the Institute.
  • Once recovered, Clary decides to go back and investigate her apartment, searching for clues of her mother's disappearance.
  • With help from all the Shadowhunters, Clary uncovers a lot of clues and discovers that she has a mental block preventing her from seeing all things magical.
  • They try to get the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane, to erase the block, but he can't.
  • While Magnus is failing to help Clary, Simon gets turned into a rat and later kidnapped by a pack of vampires. Don't worry; they save him.
  • After everyone's all mended, Jace takes Clary on a midnight picnic and they share their first kiss.
  • Later, Clary realizes that her mother hid the Mortal Cup in a painting.
  • They retrieve the Cup, despite being attacked by a giant demon, only to have Hodge betray them all and turn the Cup over to Valentine.
  • Clary and Luke storm Valentine's castle, where Clary finds out that she and Jace are brother and sister. Blech.
  • Valentine manages to escape with the Cup, but Clary rescues her mother.
  • The book ends with Clary and Jace flying over the city, and Clary marveling at her newfound appreciation of the world.