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City of Bones

City of Bones


by Cassandra Clare

Jace Wayland Timeline & Summary

  • Jace, along with Alec and Isabelle, slays a demon in the Pandemonium Club while Clary Fray watches.
  • The next day, he confronts Clary in an alley because he thinks she has more powers than she lets on. She runs away after a distressing call from her mother, and Jace follows her, finding out she's been attacked by a poisonous Ravener demon. He carries her to the Institute, where he lives.
  • When Clary recovers, she decides to go back and check out her apartment. Fearing it might be dangerous, Jace accompanies her.
  • Good thing, too, because they get attacked by a Forsaken, which gives Jace the opportunity to show off his mad fighting skills.
  • Afterward, Jace has to follow Clary around for a bit while she does some investigative work, trying to figure out where her mother is. Along the way, they discover Clary has a weird magical memory block.
  • With Alec and Isabelle, they try to get the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane, to remove the block. He can't. Then they have to go save Simon from a pack of vampires. Long story.
  • After he's healed, Jace takes Clary on a midnight picnic. Smooching ensues.
  • Clary realizes where the Mortal Cup is hidden, and Jace prepares to retrieve it.
  • Unfortunately, Hodge steals the Cup and turns it and Jace over to Valentine.
  • While being held captive by Valentine, Jace learns that Valentine is his real father.
  • Clary arrives, and convinces Jace that even though Valentine is his dad, he's still evil.
  • Jace almost follows Valentine through the Portal to Idris, his homeland, but he decides to stay with Clary instead.
  • At the end of the book, he takes Clary on a fun flight through the city on a stolen flying motorcycle.