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City of Bones

City of Bones


Cassandra Clare

 Table of Contents

City of Bones Themes

City of Bones Themes

Versions of Reality

Sometimes the shadows in the alleyway are just shadows. And sometimes the sexy creepy guy (you know the one we're talking about, the one that looks like Wes Bentley) in the club is just an anti-soc...


Revenge. It's not just a hit show on ABC. It's a strong feeling, an overwhelming desire to hurt someone who's hurt you, your friends, or your family. It's also the driving force between many of the...


Religion factors in everyone's life, whether you're Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, atheist, agnostic, or anything in between. You have your own beliefs (or don't), and you interact with peopl...


The first thing we'd say if we ever came across a portal to another dimension would be, "Can't we all just get along?" If the answer is no, we'd shut that portal and push a few dozen bookcases in f...


Wait, where are you going? You can't be done reading this yet. We'll be really upset if you go read something else. True, we had no idea you even existed until just a few minutes ago, but now we ca...


Love is complicated. We can't even begin to try to explain it. Feelings can get really tangled up, like when the person you love doesn't know you exist, or that hot boy you're falling for turns out...


For someone who's faced down giant centipede monsters and demons filled with maggots, Clary's awfully critical of her own physical appearance. To make matters worse, she is surrounded by so much ma...

Art and Culture

Art, like literature, can open up new worlds. Unfortunately we can't reach into a Cezanne and try a piece of fruit or ask the Mona Lisa why she's smiling, but in the world of City of Bones, it...


Many occupations feel bound by a sense of duty: soldier, policeman, firefighter. And Shadowhunter. Jace & Co. live by the Shadowhunter Law. These aren't your silly mortal laws about not stealin...

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