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The City of Ember

The City of Ember


by Jeanne DuPrau

The City of Ember Chapter 10 Summary

Blue Sky and Goodbye

  • Lina sleeps badly that night. When she goes in to wake Granny, she finds that the old woman has come down with a fever.
  • The town doctor comes to check on Granny at Lina's request, and tells Lina to stay home to take care of Granny that day, make her soup, stuff like that.
  • During a lucid moment, Granny asks Lina whether they'd found "it." Lina assures her that they have—whatever that means.
  • Lina stays home the next day, too. In order to keep Poppy occupied, Lina suggests that they draw.
  • As usual, Lina draws the city she sees in her mind. Since she has colored pencils for once, she decides to color in the sky and make it blue—which is strange, since everyone in Ember knows that the sky is black.
  • During the night, Lina hears Granny calling her. She goes to her, and holds her hand and strokes her forehead. At some point, Granny tells her that she's okay, and Lina can go back to sleep.
  • Lina wakes up again at six, when the lights come on. She finds Granny's body, empty of life.

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