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The City of Ember

The City of Ember


by Jeanne DuPrau

The City of Ember Chapter 15 Summary

A Desperate Run

  • Doon wonders how they're supposed to get everyone out with just one boat? They decide to look around a little more, and they discover another door in the room. This one leads to a large room with more boats.
  • All the boats are the same, stocked with paddles and metal boxes—probably supplies.
  • So… they did it. They found the way out. And they hatch a plan to deliver the good news during the Singing tomorrow.
  • Once he's home, Doon is tempted to tell his dad what he found, but he doesn't—he wants to save it for the big reveal.
  • He packs a pillowcase for the trip, sticking in some of the candles and matches, but also some food, and supplies like a blanket and knife.
  • Before he leaves, he looks at the worm he's been keeping in a box: it had wrapped itself up in threads a few days before, and now it's beginning to break out of the woven shell.
  • Yep—the thing has transformed into a moth, and Doon watches it fly into the air. He thinks of the word egress, and feels like he witnessed a marvelous transformation.
  • He's about to close his window when he notices some guards come up to his building and ask Nammy Proggs, an old lady, if she's seen Doon. Apparently, he's wanted for spreading vicious rumors. Uh oh.
  • Luckily, Nammy Proggs, being an awesome lady, lies and says he went off to the trash heaps. So Doon takes the opportunity to escape without being seen.
  • Clearly, the guards are in on the storeroom scam. Oops.
  • Meanwhile, Lina also couldn't sleep the night after their discovery of the boats. All she can think about is how people would react to the escape plan, and how she'll keep Poppy safe through it all.
  • Doon interrupts their breakfast the next morning, and tells Lina in private that they'll be coming for her, too. Lina tells Mrs. Murdo that they need to leave for some emergency work.
  • The kids run to the school to find shelter, and on the way see posters saying that there's a reward for anyone who brings the two of them to the mayor's chief guard. Not good. So not good.
  • While they hide out, Doon suggests that the two of them leave by river ASAP. He's got a bag packed and all. And hey, they can leave a note for Clary explaining how to follow the instructions and find the way out. That way at least the others will have a chance to escape, too.
  • Lina doesn't really want to go along with this plan, but Doon convinces her that they should be the first ones to reach the new city, because they discovered the way. Plus, Lina agrees that it's too dangerous to take Poppy on the river now. She knows Mrs. Murdo will take good care of her until they follow.
  • So Lina goes to deliver the note to Clary, while Doon will wait for her. But a bunch of guards spot Lina, and Doon watches helplessly as she tries to outrun them.

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