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The City of Ember

The City of Ember


by Jeanne DuPrau

The City of Ember Chapter 17 Summary


  • Worried sick about Lina, Doon makes his way to the Pipeworks, where they'd planned to meet.
  • He feels lonely, and so he leaves a note for his father, only saying that they'd found the way out, and it was in the Pipeworks, and everyone will know about it tomorrow.
  • Suddenly the lights go out, but Doon remembers that he has the candle and matches, so he can light his own way.
  • When he reaches the Pipeworks, the lights come back on. Doon waits for Lina, and he's starting to straight up freak out. What if she doesn't come?
  • Finally, she runs up, with a bundle hugged to her chest. It's Poppy. Yikes.
  • They go inside the Pipeworks, and Lina fastens Poppy to her chest for the climb down the ladder. They make it onto the ledge and into the room, and try to maneuver one of the boats toward the riverbank. The boat's light, so they manage.
  • Somehow, they figure out that they need to use the ropes on the riverbank to lower the boat in. They get the boat into the river, and Doon hops in. Lina hands Poppy to him, and climbs in herself.
  • As soon as they loosen the knots in the rope, the boat shoots forward in the water. These three are in for a wild ride.

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