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The City of Ember

The City of Ember


by Jeanne DuPrau

The City of Ember Chapter 19 Summary

A World of Light

  • At the entrance to the path is a sign. It contains a written message from the Builders to the citizens of Ember, welcoming them. It warns them to be prepared for a rough climb that will take a few hours.
  • And boy does it. The trio climbs for hours before they reach the top, especially since Poppy needs to be carried quite a bit.
  • At some point, their candles go out, and they realize that they're not in total darkness. Hmm. That's new.
  • They reach a passageway.
  • Lina was expecting to see the city from her dreams, but instead she sees a wide, open space, unlike anything she's ever seen before. The sky is black, but studded with little lights, and there's one giant circular light in the sky too.
  • The beauty of this place totally blows them away. It's amazing, and nothing could've prepared them for it.
  • As they gape, the sky slowly starts to get brighter. It even turns blue. Then the sky fills with insects, which they recognize, and other, larger, flying things, which they don't.
  • They decide to share a meal, and read from the book while they do.

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