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The City of Ember

The City of Ember


by Jeanne DuPrau

The City of Ember Chapter 5 Summary

On Night Street

  • Granny continues to get more confused, and spends more time searching for the unknown lost item. Mrs. Murdo spends more time at the house, keeping an eye on things.
  • Every worker Lina's age gets Thursdays off, and one Thursday, Lina goes shopping. She hears some people talking about a shop that has paint and colored pencils, which she wants to check out.
  • Lina brings Poppy with her to the shop on Night Street. She's supposed to use her money for a new coat for Granny, but it's been forever since she's had any colored pencils, and she's excited to look for them
  • While they're walking, they see Sadge (the guy who'd run into the greenhouse sobbing) ranting on the steps of the Gathering Hall about the Unknown Regions being filled with darkness and monsters. People try to calm him down.
  • The shop is run by Looper—the funny-looking dude who'd given Lina the message to give to the mayor on her first day on the job.
  • Lina puts Poppy down so she can look at the colored pencils. She decides to buy two even though they're really expensive. Right after the transaction, Lina notices that Poppy has disappeared. Uh oh.
  • As soon as Lina reaches the street, the lights go out. Lina can't see a thing, so she's not sure which way to go. Poppy is still lost, which just makes Lina feel guilty about lingering over the colored pencils.
  • After a few minutes (which seem like an eternity), the lights come back on. Lina runs around looking for Poppy. Someone hears the description and points her toward a shop.
  • Turns out Doon had found Poppy and taken her inside his father's shop. Lina thanks Doon, and then leaves with her sister.
  • When Lina gets home and puts everyone to bed, she looks at her pencils, but feels ashamed.

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