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Civil Rights Movement: "Black Power" Era Images

Four Little Girls

[Clockwise from top left] Cynthia Diane Wesley, 14, Carol Robertson, 14, Denise McNair, 11, Addie Mae Collins, 14, the four young girls killed in the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing on a Sunday morning in September, 1963.

Jim Crow Restrictions

An editorial cartoon showing an African-American man being pushed into the street by a white businessman; signs on the establishments behind them show that "Housing", "School", "Public accommodations," and "Job opportunities" are all "Restricted," c. 1963.

Murder in Mississippi

Norman Rockwell's painting, entitled Murder in Mississippi, appeared in a Look magazine article detailing the murders of three civil rights workers in July 1964.

KKK for Goldwater

In San Francisco, California, Ku Klux Klan members support Barry Goldwater's campaign for president outside the Republican National Convention, July 12, 1964.

After the Rochester Riot

The aftermath of rioting in Rochester, New York in July 1964.

Fannie Lou Hamer

Fannie Lou Hamer, a delegate for the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, testifies before the Democratic Party's Credentials Committee in August 1964. "If the Freedom Democratic Party is not seated now," Hamer states, "I question America... Is this America?"

Reverend King and President Johnson

Martin Luther King, Jr. meets with President Lyndon B. Johnson to discuss voting rights legislation, 9 February 1965.

The Murder of Viola Liuzzo

A KKK sniper murdered Viola Liuzzo, a white civil rights worker, while she drove marchers home on 25 March 1965.

A Scene from the Watts Riots

During riots in Watts, California, a man is dragged into a police car while reporters stand by. An original newspaper caption read, "Policemen force a rioter here into a police car during second night in a row of rioting. The rioters, led by a hard core of 300 hoodlums, were controlled by heavily armed police."

Fires in Watts

Buildings burn on Avalon Boulevard in the Watts section of Los Angeles during rioting in August 1965.

Riots in Detroit

Riots in Detroit are featured on the cover of the 4 August 1967 edition of Time magazine.

The National Guard in Washington, D.C.

A National Guardsman patrols an intersection in Washington, D.C. during rioting in April 1968.

Resurrection City

"Resurrection City," a plywood shantytown erected by the Poor Peoples' Campaign protesters, May 1968.

"Capitol is Invaded"

The front page of The Sacramento Bee newspaper reports on an armed protest led by the Black Panther Party, 2 May 1967.

Brando and the Panthers

Actor Marlon Brando and Black Panthers at the funeral for Bobby Hutton,17, killed by Oakland police during a shoot-out, April 1968.

Attack on Panther Headquarters

In Oakland, California, the Black Panther Party National Headquarters window is shattered by police gunshots, 10 September 1968.

Remembering MLK

In Washington, D.C., a flyer promotes a holiday to honor the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., 3 April 1969.

Mothers Against Busing

In Boston, Massachusetts, police wearing riot helmets line the streets as women march to protest the busing of black students into South Boston public schools, 12 September 1975.

Marching for Affirmative Action

In Detroit, protesters march during Supreme Court deliberations in the Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, case, 3 October 1977.

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