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Civil Rights Movement: "Black Power" Era Websites

LBJ and the Civil Rights Movement

The University of Texas LBJ Library and Museum offers a list of civil rights milestones in President Johnson's administration. The site includes audio, video, and transcripts of speeches, news broadcasts, and taped conversations between Johnson and key figures in the movement.

The Watts Riots 40 Years Later

Valerie Reitman and Mitchell Landsberg report in the Los Angeles Times on the Watts Riots, "40 Years Later." The article includes a photo gallery, front-page headlines from the days of the riots, and interviews with police officers and citizens who participated in, witnessed, and were arrested during the riot.

Interviews with the Black Panther Party

UC Berkeley Library Social Activism Sound Recording Project: Black Panther PartyThis site includes a detailed timeline and several interviews with prominent members of the Party discussing a variety of topics including shoot-outs with the Oakland Police Department.

The Tuskegee Experiment

The Tuskegee Health Benefit Program established by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a detailed history of the 40-year clinical study in which 399 poor black sharecroppers were denied treatment for syphilis.

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