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The Civil War Images

General Grant

Major General Ulysses S. Grant led the Union Army to victory.

General Burnside

Major General Ambrose Burnside, with sideburns.


USS Monitor, first Union ironclad warship, in James River, 1862.

President & General

President Abraham Lincoln and General George McClellan in McClellan's tent at Antietam, Maryland after battle, September 1862.

Cost of War

Ruins of Harper's Ferry, Virginia after battle in 1862.

Worse Cost of War

Confederate dead at Antietam, Maryland, 17 September 1862.

In the Devil's Den

Confederate dead in "Devil's Den," Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 3 July 1863.

Early Aerial Recon

Union reconnaissance balloon, 1862.

"War is Hell"

Atlanta in ruins after an attack by Union General Sherman's Army, November 1864.

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