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A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange


by Anthony Burgess

Minister of the Interior Timeline and Summary

  • Alex kills a guy in jail overnight.
  • The next day, at 11am, the Governor and the Chief Warden and other important looking officials come for Alex. They chat among one another about whether the Government ought to move away from outmoded theories of dealing with criminals and embrace the new theory formed from a "curative" view.
  • The Minister of the Interior, among the official-looking people, turns to the Governor and suggests that he take Alex to Dr. Brodsky, to be transformed out of recognition.
  • Alex thinks those words taste like freedom.
  • That evening, the guards drag Alex down to the Governor's office.
  • The Governor informs him that the important man who graced his cell in the morning was the new Minister of the Interior, who apparently has odd ideas about the state reform system.
  • The Governor tells Alex that he is to be "transformed" starting tomorrow by enrolling in a two-week program, overseen by the Minister, which will end in his release.
  • About two weeks later, it is Alex's last day in the white building.
  • The Staja Governor, the chaplain, the Minister of the Interior, the doctors, and the other white coats are present for the demonstration to come.
  • The demonstration ensues.
  • At the end of it, the Minister of the Interior starts to praise the system and gloats about how the Technique really works.
  • Now freed, Alex sits in a coffee shop reading an article in the paper about the Institute for Reclamation of Criminal Types and Ludovico's Technique. He stumbles upon the Minister of the Interior boasting about how clever the system is.
  • While Alex lies unconscious in the hospital after his jump, the Minister of the Interior apparently orders doctors to undo Ludovico's Technique on him, restoring him to his old self.
  • More time passes and Alex gets a lot better. At 2:30pm one day, Alex receives a special visit from the Minister of the Interior, dressed in the height of fashion, of course, and followed by a dozen journalists and photographers.
  • The Minister calls Alex a friend, but Alex calls him an enemy.
  • The two converse cryptically for a while.
  • The Minister now announces to Alex that he's been cured, and that a high-paying job is lined up for him when he checks out. He also reminds Alex that it was the Government that ultimately put away the crazy lunatic, F. Alexander, who wants his life.
  • Distracted by the thought, a photographer screams out, SMILE! and Alex complies.
  • A picture of the two looking like old friends is taken.
  • Now, the Minister brings in a present for Alex – a stereo!