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A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange


by Anthony Burgess

A Clockwork Orange Power Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Part.Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #10

"It said they had done great wrong to you. It said how the Government drove you to try and do yourself in." (3.6.11)

It is clear that the Minister of the Interior's subsequent public apology is only for PR reasons, not made because he or the Government actually feels they have done anything wrong. This is yet another sign of a repressive, totalitarian government.

Quote #11

"He had this idea," said the Min. "He was a menace. We put him away for his own protection. And also," he said, "for yours." (3.6.69)

In actuality, the Government does not put F. Alexander away for being a "menace" or for his "own protection," but rather for being a political dissident, a "menace" to the Government's power. No totalitarian power would ever tolerate such an ideological opponent.

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