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Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas


by David Mitchell

Cloud Atlas Resources


That Other Book of His

David Mitchell's website might be named after his 2010 novel The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, but it has a bit of info on Cloud Atlas, too—which is probably why you're here. Check it out, and find some other books by this great author.

Movie or TV Productions

Who's Who?

The Cloud Atlas movie features quite a few actors playing multiple roles. Where else are you going to see Halle Berry play a persistent journalist, a white adulteress, and a male Korean doctor with terrible teeth?

Lost in Adaptation

Read the book but haven't seen the movie? Seen the movie but haven't read the book? (For shame.) If you just don't have time to do both, CinemaBlend has broken down all the main differences between the book and the ambitious film.

Articles and Interviews

Role Models

In this interview with the Washington Post, David Mitchell reveals the models for some his characters.

Sharing in Nottingham

David Mitchell walked on lava "just to get a feel" of New Zealand. Now that's commitment. Read this interview and find out what else he did to gather research for Cloud Atlas.


Cloud Atlas for the Short Attention Span

No time to read the book or see the movie? If you can spare five minutes, this trailer for the movie will fill you in on exactly what you're missing.


Still have questions? Get a second (and third, and fourth...) opinion from THNKR TV with this short piece in their entertaining and informative BOOKD series.

Book Clubbin'

The coolest online book club ever, Sword & Lasers, discussed Cloud Atlas in their Oct. 2012 book club. Get started on the discussion in this video.


Music of Fate

Are your ears itching for a taste (or a listen, we guess) of Frobisher's Cloud Atlas Sextet? Here's how the filmmakers envision it.

Do the Worm

Listen to David Mitchell on the radio program Bookworm. Don't be greedy—take off your headphones, crank up your speakers, and share it.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith

In the Cloud Atlas movie, the "big bad" of each section is played by Hugo Weaving, who played all the Mr. Smiths in the Wachowskis other smash hit, The Matrix. He even plays Nurse Noakes. If you've ever wanted to see Elrond, lord of Rivendell, in a blouse and skirt (again), here you go.

Cloudy Day and Clear Sky

The US and UK covers of Cloud Atlas are different. Which do you prefer? How do you think each one reflects the themes of the novel?

What a Concept

io9 shows us some concept art of Neo-Seoul, the film version of Sonmi's Nea So Copros. Move over Blade Runner. If we have to choose an Asian-inspired futuristic dystopia, we're moving here. Does it match your vision?

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