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Coal Miner's Daughter

Coal Miner's Daughter


by Loretta Lynn

Video & Audio

A history of workers' compensation by Texas high school students (2009)

This award-winning video tells the story of work injuries and the struggle for workers' rights and compensation, including some interesting facts about industrialization and mining.

Interview with Loretta Lynn (2000)

Get a taste of her amazing attitude and charming accent.

Lynn with Jack White on "Portland, Oregon"

Lynn partnered up with Jack White of the White Stripes on her last album, Van Lear Rose. She plays the country part a bit better than Jack White, but despite his low-key rocker energy they make a pretty charming combo.

NPR Fresh Air Interview with Lynn

Here's a meaty half-hour interview of Loretta Lynn.  You can listen to the audio here, or read the transcript.

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