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Samuel Taylor Coleridge Music

Samuel Taylor Coleridge Blues

Bluesman Jim Provencher belts out this homage to Coleridge. Though we never thought about it before, "the Samuel Taylor Coleridge blues" really is an apt description of a certain type of malaise.

Citizen Kafka and the Wretched Refuse String Band

There must be something about Coleridge that really speaks to guitar-pickers. This is an awesome bluegrass version of "Kubla Khan," by the late great Richard Shulberg (aka Citizen Kafka) and his band.


You weren't born when the original movie came out, but now you can experience the roller-disco glory of Xanadu on the stage. Feel free to sing along. We can't imagine what Coleridge would think about this.


Even though he once said that "most music is beneath me,"_CITATION42_ Coleridge was a fan of Ludwig van Beethoven (Mozart, too). The two men were also both major leaders in the Romantic arts. They also struggled with serious personal travails—Beethoven kept working even after he went completely deaf.

Lee Boo

This U.K. group has just released "Blake Songs," an album of music set to the poetry of Romantic poet and Coleridge contemporary William Blake. Check out songs like "The Echoing Green" and "The Tyger."

Samuel Coleridge Taylor

This English composer and conductor had nothing to do with Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Romantic poets. But he's a great musician, and if you Google "Coleridge" you get his stuff too.

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