Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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Samuel Taylor Coleridge Primary Sources

Historical documents. What clues can you gather about Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the time, place, players, and culture?
Biographia Literaria

A free e-book of this classic text.

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

From the 1798 Lyrical Ballads.

This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison

A poem to Charles Lamb.

Kubla Khan

Or, a vision of a dream. A fragment.


The poem Wordsworth booted from Lyrical Ballads.

The Eolian Harp

The 1795 poem.

Letter to Joseph Cottle

1814 letter discussing his opium addiction.

Letter to William Southeby

1828 letter giving instructions for his autopsy.

Letter to Charles Tulk

1818 letter on William Blake's poetry.

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