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College 101

Advice from Current Students: Passion

Want to hear about what current college students have to say about what they were passionate about? Keep reading.

Student from Northwestern University.

I wanted to be an engineer and had excellent test scores in math and science, but I spent most of my time outside of class on non-scientific activities, such as debate, music, and running. I showed that I had the talent to be a top-notch engineer, but that pursuing different passions in my free time gave me a unique perspective lacking in the typical engineer who hacks websites and does Science Olympiad in his or her free time.

Student from Harvard University, majoring in Computer Science.

I absolutely love art and learning in general, I read Wikipedia in my spare time and also did a lot of painting, sculpture and printmaking in high school. I think I talked about that a lot in my application, and submitted an art portfolio to supplement my application at most of the schools I applied for. 

Student admitted to MIT.

I was (and currently still am) very passionate about start-ups and technology. In high school, I started an educational non-profit organization with a few of my friends creating online tutorial videos for our peers. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, right next to Stanford, I was fortunate enough to have the sources and environment where I could reach out to my teachers and professors to learn more about the field.

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