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The Colonel

The Colonel


by Carolyn Forché

The Colonel Language and Communication Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Sentence)

Quote #1

On the television was a cop show. It was in English. (7-8)

You can't go anywhere without the media getting in there. The influence of American television is huge. Everywhere you go, you can hear shows in the English language. Could be that this is meant to suggest North American dominance. It is a cop show, after all. Maybe this indicates the reach of messages of crime and punishment?

Quote #2

I was asked how I enjoyed the country. (13)

Is this just polite chit-chat? Who's asking? Already noted is the passive tense. The voice comes out in a disembodied way. This is a typical question for a typical tourist encounter, only this isn't a typical situation. Still, a sentence like this seems to suggest formalities have to be dispensed with, before getting to the meat of the discussion.

Quote #3

There was a brief commercial in Spanish. (14)

Tit for tat: a show in English, a commercial in Spanish. But this is a commercial, aimed at getting consumers to part with their money. Contrast that with English, which is the language of the main programming (the cop show).

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