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Colonial New England Images

An Early Map

John Foster's "A Map of New England," c. 1677.

Colonial New England

John Green and Thomas Jefferys' map of "the most Inhabited part of NEW ENGLAND," 1774.

A Clergyman's Map

Cotton Mather's Map of New England, 1702

Early New England Architecture

The 1695 Margaret Bliss house in Springfield, Massachusetts offer a good example of seventeenth-century New England architecture. Photo circa 1890.

The Saltbox

A typical New England "saltbox house," a frame house with two stories in the front and one in the back because of a steeply pitched roof that prevented the accumulation of too much snow in the winters.

The Carnage of King Philip's War

New England Communities Attacked in King Philip's War, 1675-1676

Colonial Settlement

New England Settlement Patterns, 1691-1765.

Spreading Settlement

Spread of European Settlement in New England, 1691-1765.

New England Towns

Spread of European Settlement and Town Incorporation in New England, 1620-1791.

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