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Colonial New England Quotes

They Said It

"Samuel Shattuck testified, that in the year 1680, this Bridget Bishop, often came to his house upon such frivolous and foolish errands, that they suspected she came indeed with a purpose of mischief. Presently whereupon his eldest child, which was of as promising health and sense, as any child of its age, began to droop exceedingly; and the oftener that Bishop came to the house, the worse grew the child. As the child would be standing at the door, he would be thrown and bruised against the stones, by an invisible hand, and in like sort knock his face against the sides of the house, and bruise it after a miserable manner."

- Testimony against accused witch Bridget Bishop, 169216
"I went with some Negroes to a Husking [a gathering of friends and neighbors to husk corn], at Mr. Thomas Parkes's, in Little Cambridge, where they on the same Night introduced me to a white Woman of that Place: And as our Behaviour was such, as we have both Reason to be ashamed of, I shall for her sake pass over in Silence. On the next day I went to Boston, and was pursued by her Husband, who found me at the Sign of the white Horse, where I left him in conversation with my Master….I was sentenced by five Men (to whom the Matter was left) to receive fifteen Stripes, or pay four Dollars; and my Master was so good natur'd, or rather silly, as to pay the Money and let me go with Impunity."

- Confession of Arthur, a slave, to robbery and rape in October 176817

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