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Colonial New England Statistics

By the Numbers

English colonists in North America in 1625: 2,000
…in 1700: 250,000
…in 1750: over 1 million2

Rate at which the population doubled during the eighteenth century: every 25 years3

Average town population in Massachusetts (including what is now Maine) in 1750: 1,280
…in New Hampshire: 64046

Population of the largest town north of Boston in 1754 (Salem, Mass.): 3,46257

Number of incorporated business in New England between 1700 and 1750: 68

Number of Ulster Scots (people commonly referred to as the "Scotch- Irish"), mostly Presbyterians transplanted from Scotland to confiscated lands in Northern Ireland, who moved to America between 1717 and 1775: more than 145,0001

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