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Colonial New England Websites

Seventeenth-Century Sources

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School—Pre-Eighteenth-Century Documents:Contains several primary-source documents, including original grants and charters from the seventeenth century. Includes the Massachusetts Charter of 1691, several other charters, and the English Bill of Rights (1689), among others.

Witchcraft Strikes New England

The Goody Parsons Witchcraft Case: This website describes and contextualizes a seventeenth-century witchcraft accusation in Massachusetts. Includes images of original documents with transcriptions, photographs of period homes, maps, and some portraits. From the site: "Mary Parsons is perhaps the most infamous resident of Northampton's early settlement period. She was involved in witchcraft-related trials in 1656 and 1674, and possibly again in 1679. Her story is a fascinating one that sheds light on the workings of the Puritan mind and the complicated social and cultural situation of the period."

New England Pastimes

An interesting site on "Amusements in Colonial New England," from the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society.

Resources on Colonial New England

An extremely comprehensive list of links to all manner of sites on Colonial New England, with complete descriptions of each link:

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