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Colonial Virginia Images

Powerful Priest

Anglican clergyman James Blair, by Charles Bridges.

Virginia Aristocrat (or Now Aren't We Special)

William Byrd, planter, author, and member of the Governor's Council. Attributed to Hans Hysing, 1724.

Governor Spotswood

Alexander Spotswood, Lieutenant Governor, and acting governor of Virginia from 1710 to 1722.

Tobacco Curing for Dummies

This is a late eighteenth-century illustration of a Virginia tobacco curing operation.

Samuel Davies

Samuel Davies, influential Virginia clergyman.

Virginia's Finest

This English engraving is believed to be part of an early eighteenth-century tobacco label.

A Day on the Docks

This engraving decorated a map of Virginia and the neighboring colonies, ca. 1755

Distinguishing Black from White

A tobacco label from the eighteenth century.

The Slave-Hunting Sage of Monticello

This runaway slave notice was placed by Thomas Jefferson in the Virginia Gazette in 1769.

New Light Baptist Beginnings

The Sandy Creek Baptist Church in Liberty, North Carolina. Built in 1755 by Shubal Stearns, this church was the center of the New Light or Separate Baptist movement that swept the south in the 25 years before the Revolution.

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