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The Color Purple

The Color Purple


by Alice Walker

Alphonso Timeline and Summary

  • Pa rapes Celie when her Mama is sick after her last baby.
  • Pa gets rid of the evidence that he has abused Celie by getting rid of the children Celie gives birth to.
  • He starts eyeing Nettie. Then he refuses to let Nettie marry her boyfriend, suggesting Celie as an alternative wife for Mr.__.
  • After Mama dies, Pa marries the first of several young wives that he will wear out with childbearing and hard work.
  • We learn that Pa is not Celie and Nettie’s real father. Instead, he married their Mama because she owned property and a dry goods store.
  • Pa dies. The dry goods store and house are bequeathed to Celie and Nettie.