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The Color Purple

The Color Purple


by Alice Walker

Harpo Timeline and Summary

  • Harpo throws a rock at Celie when she first arrives at the house. He’s mad because he doesn’t want her to replace his mama.
  • Harpo falls in love with Sofia. Her father doesn’t want her to marry him, so he gets her pregnant, thinking that’ll do the trick. It does and they end up fixing up the little shed on his father’s property to live in.
  • Harpo’s depressed. He wants Sofia to mind him. He asks Celie and Mr.__ for advice, then tries to beat Sofia after they tell him that’s what will work. But Sofia is too strong for him and Harpo ends up getting beat instead.
  • Sofia leaves Harpo and he fixes up the house as a jukejoint.
  • Harpo starts living with another woman, Squeak, whom he can control. But after Squeak tries to get Sofia out of jail and gets raped, she gets some backbone.
  • Harpo and Sofia get back together eventually, after Squeak leaves for Tennessee with Shug and Celie.