The Color Purple
The Color Purple
by Alice Walker
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The Color Purple Letter Thirty-Three Summary

  • At first, Harpo doesn’t have many customers. Sometimes Mr.__ or Shug go down there in the evenings.
  • When Shug sings, a lot of people come to Harpo’s jukejoint.
  • Mr.__ doesn’t want Celie to come to Shug’s show, but Shug insists. Mr.__ starts mutter about how his wife shouldn’t do this or that, but Shug shuts him up by saying, "Good think I ain’t your damn wife."
  • Celie gets to hear Shug sing at last. As she listens, she begins to hate herself. Then she begins to get jealous of Mr.__ because Shug loves him.
  • Shug sings a song she calls "Miss Celie’s song." She says it’s the song that came to her when Miss Celie was taking care of her. Celie has never felt so special in all her life.

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