The Color Purple
The Color Purple
by Alice Walker
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The Color Purple Letter Fifty-Eight Summary

  • Nettie’s seventh letter.
  • Nettie is traveling through Africa and feels like she is seeing black people for the first time. She’s amazed and in admiration of how dark skinned the people of Senegal are.
  • There are plenty of white people in Africa, which Nettie wasn’t expecting.
  • One of the white people Nettie meets is the president of Liberia, Mr. Tubman. She’s dismayed with the way he disparagingly refers to African "natives."
  • Nettie also notices how none of the people in the president’s cabinet – the other men ruling the country – look like "natives," and neither do any of their wives.
  • Nettie does observe some of the villages and notices how the tired women in the fields sing just like the black people in America do.
  • Recalling when she first saw the African coast, Nettie says she was overwhelmed. She, Corrine, and Samuel all knelt down and thanked God for letting them see Africa.

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